Selected by Metaverse Summit 2022.

By focusing on an eccentricity inside the luxury industry: the use of CGI mixed with reality the structure of Matadero in Madrid works as an exhibition space were NFTs and digital creations merge with reality. The hybrid experience is possible through the placement of screens, sensors and most importantly:  the participant’s smartphones for them to actively interact with the digital pieces. The theme that the space follows is the 2021 NFT collection created by CGI influencer Lil Miquela.

The contrast between the real objects (blue) and virtual ones (red) allow a dynamic interaction with the virtual world of NFTs, all spaces divided by curtains that separate the small habitats from one another.

The aim of Betaverse is to bring tangibility to an act that relies on the purely virtual, bringing back awareness to the value of these creations and their transactions.
A hybrid space in which the creation and acquisition of NFTs becomes physical.